Improve Operations with Capital City Cranes Modernization

Our modernization service can improve the operational performance of your crane to meet changing production demands and reduce maintenance costs. Our modernization service includes; motor upgrades, Wireless Remote Systems, Digital Load Scales, Frequency Drive Applications, Magnets, Hoist Upgrades, Bridge Drive Motor Upgrades.

We can provide engineering services for all your overhead crane requirements.

Bridge Drive Upgrades

Due to age and wearing conditions on older bridge drive units, we provide upgraded variable frequency drive controlled motors complete with electric holding brakes.  These systems prevent excessive wear on all bridge components and reduced load swing.  Not only is it fully programmable to adapt to your production needs it also cuts down on all future maintenance costs.

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Remote Control Systems

Various options are available for wireless remote control systems from simple single speed 2 function units to complex multiple crane controls with 8 or more functions.

Improve the safety of your material handling today by switching to a remote control system.  Remote cordless control permits the operator to control the crane’s position from any point on the floor that makes the most sense for safety and efficiency.  At the side of a load, behind the load, on or off the truck deck or on the rack or shelving. This makes more efficient use of both the operator’s and the crane’s time. Your existing pendant station will be kept as a backup.

Thermostatically Controlled Heaters

These outside door flap hoists had a hard time running in the extreme cold temperatures of our winters.  After installing thermostatically controlled heaters on the gearboxes we wrapped them with insulation to keep the gear oil warm. This allows the hoist to run much more efficiently in the cold.



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