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We service and repair all major makes and models of overhead cranes, jib chain hoists, monorail systems, manual chain hoists and lever blocks. Our service technicians have the required 10,000 hours overhead crane experience to safely provide you with all your repair and maintenance needs.

Below is a few examples of breakdown work we have ran across:

service 1

Crane Repair

This is a hoist motor off a 7.5 ton overhead crane.  An operator noticed gear oil on the floor directly under the hoist during his pre-shift inspection and called us in for a closer look.  After a quick inspection we found that gear oil was leaking into the motor from the hoist gearbox.  We then disassembled the hoist motor, cleaned up the hoist motor stator, re sealed the gearbox and re installed the motor.

This rebuild prevented inevitable damage to the hoist motor which would have caused downtime and expensive repair costs.


Hoist Repair

Severe side pulling caused all this damage to a 5 ton overhead crane.  The rope guide skipped a groove and jammed up in the hoist frame.  The operator did not notice this and continued to operate the hoist.  Extensive damage was caused including: the wire rope, lower traverse plate, rope guide, and rope guide tension spring.

After inspecting the hoist for any other damages a new wire rope, rope guide, tension spring and traverse plate where installed.  As an extra step to ensure the safety of the hoist we performed a load test to capacity of the crane before returning the crane back into service.  Proper operator training may have prevented this breakdown.

Snagged rope

Wire Rope Replacement

This wire rope had been snagged on a pipe rack and damage was caused to the rope and lower hook block assembly.  New side cheeks on the hook block and a new wire rope had to be installed before the hoist could be put back into service.

Trained operators and diligence could seriously reduce incidents like this one.

Panel Rewire And Clean Up

This is a panel that was left extremely messy and had multiple issues with loose connections and burnt control units.  A complete panel re wire and cleanup was done to help keep the hoist running smoothly.


pentax nov 2009 060 (Medium)


pentax nov 2009 062 (Medium)

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