Inspections by Capital City Cranes

Our inspection services cover all the electrical and mechanical components on your cranes. Also included is a visual inspection of your crane structure and runway, as well as a detailed written report of the inspection informing you of any recommended repairs or safety concerns. Following the inspection will be a prioritized quotation informing you of repair costs.

A site specific quote can be provided for annual or semi-annual inspections. We work with the customer to provide convenient PM schedules on high production cranes to eliminate unnecessary down time.

inspection 3-1

Inspection Case 1

This wire rope was found during inspection to be extremely bird caged.  This condition is often caused by shock loading or running the rope over a very tight diameter.

This hoist was removed from service and a new wire rope was installed.


Inspection Case 2

Inspections do not stop at the crane itself.  This is a bridge runway splice that has broken apart.  If you look closely the one section is not tied back to the  building structure at all.

A weld repair was completed to this rail splice following the original engineered drawings weld specifications.


Inspection Case 3

Here is another questionable runway we came across. In this case we had an engineering study done on the splice and completed the required repairs.

A new piece of beam was added under the splice and new plates were welded on the web of the existing beam. After a visual inspection by the engineer, the finished splice was painted to match the existing runway.


Inspection Case 4

This is a picture of the contactors that control the main hoist motor.  These contact points are extremely worn and will eventually fail.

New points where installed to prevent future damage to the hoist motor.

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